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I bought this supplement specifically for my father, who suffered a stroke 3 years ago. The doctors declared him recovered, but things aren't like before, so many negative effects are still visible. He's irritable, brittle and unfocused. I did a lot of research before buying HCF, starting from basic Google searches to discussing with his neurologist and representatives of the company. I was pleasantly surprised by their customer service manager... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Did not like product. Would not refund money even after returning product.

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I take back what I said in my earlier review about HCF. After the supplements were returned by Fedex Australia, Frank Averalla of HCF telephoned me (at 3.30am his time!) to apologise for the inconvenience I had suffered. He said it was the first time that Customs Australia had rejected the documents that had accompanied a shipment, and HCF were taking steps to ensure that a new batch of documents were produced that satisfied Australian... Read more

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I ordered 6 bottles of HCF for delivery to Australia. It was held by Australian Customs because of insufficient documentation regarding the composition of the goods. I left several phone messages with HCF, and sent several emails to ask them to help me with this problem. I was sent the following email: Hello Eugenia, Thank you for your email. We have already responded to Australian Customs and awaiting the release of your package. We have... Read more

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I started on a free 14 day trial. They got my credit card number by stating it was only for S&H. Now they bill my credit card automatically. I called (after hours) and left a message to cancel my order. That has been ignored and they still ship out. There is no way to cancel the order at their website. Their money back guarantee is a trick - because they don't acknowledge your phone request to cancel and don't give you an option to cancel on... Read more

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The only experience I've had with HCF life and mental health has COMPLETELY changed. I was diagnosed with ADHD and didn't tell anyone. I saw a counselor who believes in healing without meds if possible; suggested B12, Omega 3 vitamins and grape seed extract mineral suppliments. I did a lot of research and found HCF to be the most nature, simple in its explanation and reasonablly priced compared to anti-depressants/anti-anxieties so I... Read more

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Happy calm and focused has the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen. I have been wanting to cancel my account for over 2 months and have left dozen of messages. Have the returned any of my calls ...? No, and I continue to pay for these pills I don't need.

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I a married working mother with 4 kids 9, 12, 15 and 19 and am currently on my 2nd month / bottle of 90 capsules of HCF. I started noticing an improvement in my "word find" issue, as I call it, after about 2-4 weeks. Before that, for the past 3-5 years, my conversation has not flowed without having to pause uncomfortably for several seconds trying to think of the word for things like toast or even door knob. I would actually have to stop talking... Read more

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The product is good but the price is too expensive like all these brain supplements. I wish it was cheaper so a lot of people can afford it. The depression and anxiety in this country is very, very high. Everyone around me needs HCF. The price in Amazon was different from last time when I purchased it a couple of months ago. So next time I am going to shop around before I refill my bottle thru Amazon. Sometimes the company has discount sales... Read more

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I don't normally do the complaint thing, but you cant market me a supplement that changes my life and then not get it to me on time!!!!!???? That is abuse!! Why would you not have overnight shipping? Everyone has overnight shipping. I mean everyone. I ship out for my South Korean post tomorrow morning and HCF says they have no overnight shipping policy and I absolutely cannot run out. I'm having to drive over an hour to the nearest location... Read more

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