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I initially ordered HCF for my son who suffers from ADHD and has serious issues focusing in school. However, as I would never give my child something I haven't tried myself first, I decided to test it for a few days. The first day I took it was just like any regular day of an ordinary week. I didn't feel better, but there weren't any unpleasant reactions either. On the second day, though, my life shifted by 360 degrees. I felt more focused at... Read more

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I received and took the first bottle as prescribed, I unfortunately have developed a new condition in my rectum! Internal hemmerroids! Headaches and brain fog, along with dizziness, and mild bellyaches. I am a VIP cust with the auto ship. I called to cancel my orders. Also to ask where to ship back the product I just received plus the unused portion that I have for a full refund! I was told that the company does not refund nor take merchandise... Read more

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I just started taking it. I had suffered from daily panic attacks for years and took prescription medicines that were mostly ineffective. I have had no panic attacks since taking HCF, and feel calm, confident, focused and productive. I feel like myself again. It's just what I needed.

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I bought this supplement specifically for my father, who suffered a stroke 3 years ago. The doctors declared him recovered, but things aren't like before, so many negative effects are still visible. He's irritable, brittle and unfocused. I did a lot of research before buying HCF, starting from basic Google searches to discussing with his neurologist and representatives of the company. I was pleasantly surprised by their customer service manager... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Did not like product. Would not refund money even after returning product.

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I take back what I said in my earlier review about HCF. After the supplements were returned by Fedex Australia, Frank Averalla of HCF telephoned me (at 3.30am his time!) to apologise for the inconvenience I had suffered. He said it was the first time that Customs Australia had rejected the documents that had accompanied a shipment, and HCF were taking steps to ensure that a new batch of documents were produced that satisfied Australian... Read more

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I ordered 6 bottles of HCF for delivery to Australia. It was held by Australian Customs because of insufficient documentation regarding the composition of the goods. I left several phone messages with HCF, and sent several emails to ask them to help me with this problem. I was sent the following email: Hello Eugenia, Thank you for your email. We have already responded to Australian Customs and awaiting the release of your package. We have... Read more

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I started on a free 14 day trial. They got my credit card number by stating it was only for S&H. Now they bill my credit card automatically. I called (after hours) and left a message to cancel my order. That has been ignored and they still ship out. There is no way to cancel the order at their website. Their money back guarantee is a trick - because they don't acknowledge your phone request to cancel and don't give you an option to cancel on... Read more

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The only experience I've had with HCF life and mental health has COMPLETELY changed. I was diagnosed with ADHD and didn't tell anyone. I saw a counselor who believes in healing without meds if possible; suggested B12, Omega 3 vitamins and grape seed extract mineral suppliments. I did a lot of research and found HCF to be the most nature, simple in its explanation and reasonablly priced compared to anti-depressants/anti-anxieties so I... Read more

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Happy calm and focused has the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen. I have been wanting to cancel my account for over 2 months and have left dozen of messages. Have the returned any of my calls ...? No, and I continue to pay for these pills I don't need.

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